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Yogi Beatz Branding

Yogi Beatz classes, led by Giselle Fernandez, are designed for children with their parents, a wonderful space to see their children develop motion skills, and gain independence, self-awareness, and confidence.

In designing her logo, we wanted to make sure to have a vibrant, lively palette that would attract and inspire curiosity in children. 


The primary logo is a beautiful contrast of purple and orange, with variations in the brand’s other colours. It celebrates a mix of spontaneity and structure. The silhouettes of the children and the mother are whimsical and represent the pillars of the brand: inclusivity, fun, play, empowerment, and family. 

The website was designed to be fun and interactive to invite children to explore the page and connect with Giselle and Yogi Beatz.

We designed her logo, social media content, business cards, and website.

Client: Giselle Fernandez

In Our Client's Words: You have no idea how happy I am with these results! This makes it feel so official and real! I'm delighted! 

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