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Your new logo. Fast. Concise. Cost-Effective. No fuss, no phone calls, no endless back and forth.

Is The Logo Lab for you?

  • You know what you're looking for in a logo

  • You have chosen the name of your brand

  • You're looking for quick turnover and receiving your logo within one week

  • You're looking to invest $500 in your logo design

  • You're interested in acquiring a logo but not doing a whole branding suite or you already have an existing logo you'd like to tweak or update

  • You're familiar with our designs and like the work we've shared

  • You have availability to reply to emails in a timely manner in order to get your logo done in one week

How to sign up for The Logo Lab?

Please fill out the form below being as clear and detailed as you can. We require you to fill out all the fields and ensure to include all the information necessary in this one form as this will help us design a logo that best matches what you're looking for and be able to deliver and stay on track with our deadlines. Additional information or requests sent separately to the form will not be taken into consideration for the design process. 

Once you have completed the form, you'll be prompted to make a one-time, non-refundable payment of $500. 

We open a limited amount of spots for TLL per quarter. You can sign up for our waitlist if our registration sheet is unavailable below. We take clients on a first-come first-serve basis and will send out an email to prospective clients on our waitlist every time spots open up.

What to expect?

The entire Logo Lab process takes one week. Once you've registered you'll receive two logo samples within 48 hours. Please reply to your samples within the following 48 hours by selecting one of the two options and sending additional feedback or edits required. Kindly ensure to send one reply with all the relevant information as additional emails sent separately to the form will not be taken into consideration for the design process. Within the following 24 hours, you will receive a final sample for you to approve and sign off on. 


48 hours later you will receive a package with your logo as a Full Logo, Icon, and Wordmark in a Full-Colour version, a Black version, and a White version in the following five file types: PNG, JPG, PDF, AI, SVG - for both CMYK and RGB colour formats. You will also receive a one-page Brand Guide with your colour codes and typography, and a File Guide to help you assess which type of file to use for your different needs. 


What happens if I don't approve my final sample?


Additional edits are available at $80 for each submission. However, this process is designed thoughtfully to limit the need for extra feedback and back-and-forth communications. We recommend working with The Logo Lab if you're clear on the idea that you're looking for and if you're familiar with our design work in order to know what to expect. 

Included with The Logo Lab:

  • Two samples of logo designs

  • One submission for edits on a selected design

  • Final files of your logo (Full Logo, Icon, and Wordmark in a Full-Colour version, a Black version, and a White version in the following five file types: PNG, JPG, PDF, AI, SVG - for both CMYK and RGB colour formats)

  • Brand Guide with colour codes and typography

  • File Guide

  • One-week delivery deadline

Not included with The Logo Lab:

  • Brand name or slogan development

  • Complex illustrations

  • Typography files to install on your computer

  • Brand Mockups

  • Consultation or discussion calls

  • Research & Focus Groups

  • Brand statement

  • Copywriting

  • Additional design assets such as patterns, business cards, letterhead, stickers, etc.

  • Any additional services beyond the scope outlined will be subject to separate agreements and fees

  • Intellectual Property of all discarded designs 

The Logo Lab Submission Form





Do you have any reference or inspiration images you'd like to share with us? This is a great opportunity to show us your taste and the style in which you'd like us to design your logo. Good examples include logos you may have seen in the past or found online, specific colour palettes or typographies, and even Ana Steinberg Desgins logos you've liked. Submitting reference files is highly encouraged as they will help direct the design in a way that text may not. Kindly add files to a Google Drive Folder, Dropbox, or any other file-sharing platform. Please ensure sharing settings for the link are open to anyone to ensure we can access them.


Your project is considered booked following the submission of this form and completion of payment. By checking the two boxes below you agree to the design process outlined above, to the terms of what is and isn't included through The Logo Lab, and to fulfill the timeline stipulated as a part of this project. Submitting this form is a legally binding document considered a contract between Ana Steinberg and the client only.


Your logo samples will be delivered within 48 hours.

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