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Un Toque Logo

Un Toque is a community-building app developed as a one-stop shop for pick-up soccer games. It helps players find available soccer fields in the city and book them, arrange payments from each of the team member's accounts, join teams that are looking for single players, schedule matches, buy soccer supplies, and more. 

In Spanish, Un Toque translates to one touch, but it means more the action of passing the ball, and it's also used for a quick match. The name works both in the soccer sense and in the ease of the app, just one touch away.

The logo we designed for them has three specific factors at play: the number 1 (for being first/a champion and for the one in the name), a fingerprint (for the app/mobile aspect of it and for the "one touch" away concept), and a player (in a running, celebratory pose). The 1 becomes a part of the player, which in turn is shaped as a T for 1T (Un Toque). 


The colour scheme is unexpected in the field (particularly for how male-dominated it is). It's common to see many blues, reds, and greens, but deep pinks and purples are a differentiating factor in the soccer world.  

Client: Daniel Ortiz

In Our Client's Words: Thank you Anita! Our brand is so cool!

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