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TPM.CO is a consulting, project management, and import/export company. They focus on transforming processes, strategies, and companies; guiding clients and optimizing their resources; and on advising on import/export.

The logo created for TPM.CO had to cover all of these aspects. Evoke ideas of trust, progress, movement, reliability, and production.⁣

The gear is the perfect representation of being a moving piece in this globalized world. We wanted something that was dynamic and swift, relaying motion and production. The icon had to both represent stability and progress, be sturdy but graceful, and be classic with an air of modernity. ⁣

The font compliments the gear in a sober way, making the brand feel official.

Client: Tomasz Morawski

In Our Client's Words: These are beautiful! We love the result of this logo and how expedited the whole process was. 

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