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Shelter Outreach Consultation Services has an emphasis on supporting and guiding institutions such as animal shelters, cities, universities, and the government in an understanding of the disease and health of the animals, turnover for both staff and animals, the efficiency of locations, euthanasia, and behavioural science.

For this logo, we used thick and strong typography, evoking trustworthiness and dependability. It is warm, welcoming, and reliable.


The negative space in the lettermark holds a curled-up tail within the C and S, a cozy, comfortable interpretation of a cat facing the audience. It was important to portray the cat in a peaceful, even coy or playful -but relaxed- stance to represent both the ease and fun brought on by the brand.

The use of negative space to represent a cat within the logo makes the design modern and elegant, while it speaks to the audience of their goals and remains playful and approachable.

Client: Alexandre Ellis

In Our Clients Words:  This logo is so cool! I'm really excited to have these, thanks so much Ana!

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