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Sahaj Durnin Branding

We've had the pleasure of working with Sahaj, a wellness coach, on her website relaunch and several of her online resources, including her ebook Practical Awakening and the marketing strategy associated with her course.

We designed a website that would evoke the colours of her logo through shades of teal, lots of bright, white space, and pops of colours in pastels. The palette of the site is energizing, like a breath of fresh air. 

Practical Awakening is an example of a free downloadable e-book which acted as a teaser for a 5-class course. The ebook includes two out of the five classes, and it was part of a funnel which led clients to subscribe for the full course followed up by an upsell for a six-month membership.

The ebook is bright, colourful, and at once joyful, energetic, and calming.

Client: Sahaj Durinin

In Our Client's Words: How exciting! It is so beautiful and the graphics are stunning!

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