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Presently Being Logo

This logo was developed for Kirsten,  launching her practice of mindfulness-based stress reduction.

The logo represents MBSR and some of the words that embody the practice: the hugging shapes of the branches evoke love and compassion; the roots speak of inner listening, turning toward, being grounded and being present; the brain represents connection, mind, and thoughts; the leaves on the tree are an awakening, serenity, well-being, health, breathing, opening, and letting be, just as nature works. The logo presents in parallel the mind and the body, thought and reality, meditation and physical practice. 


It's a simple but meaningful logo, that isn’t the typical lotus flower or person-meditating logo for the industry.  

Client: Kirsten Miller

In Our Client's Words:  It's funny, initially I really thought that I wanted a triangle/mountain-like logo, but the tree/brain logo really grew on me and I like the clean simple look. The brain has triangles in it which keeps with the symbolism to elements of the MBSR program and connections/connectivity.  I also think the colour combinations are very calming.  Love it! It was great working with Ana

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