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On The Trail Branding

On the Trail is a locally-owned bicycle and bike repair shop. They offer a selection of different products and services, including bike accessories and expert bike repair. OTT is also a community for cyclists. Bill and Angela, co-owners of On The Trail, are bike and trail enthusiasts in their area and lead other cyclists on group rides. 

This project included the design of their logo, an e-commerce website, and business cards.


The logo beautifully encompasses three vital aspects: a bike, represented by the wheel; trails, feeding into the tent-like letter A; and the woods, gracing the background of the logo. 


The colours are outdoorsy and earthy, the deep terracotta serving as a connection to the ground, and to orange-tinted sunsets and sunrises seen out on the road.  


The logo works beautifully on stickers for collectors, stamps, and engraved on wood.

Client: Angela Groulx

In Our Client's Words: Everything looks great and it's exactly what we wanted! 

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