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Olga's Way Coaching Branding

Olga's Way Coaching is run by Olga Lacroix, a mindfulness and confidence coach that works with women highly driven women allowing them to step into their best selves, undertake new challenges, and overcome self-sabotage.  

We've worked with Olga's Way extensively over the past years. Some of our projects have been a rebrand and re-doing her website, including her logo redesign and creating a new mini-logo,  marketing and social media ads and materials, newsletters, eBooks, workbooks, PDF downloadables, funnels, podcast covers, online course platform, and more.

We've designed a brand that is soothing, centring, and elegant but approachable. It reaches out to women that are making room for a little me time, a space for self-care, and a brighter, more empowered life.  Clients that come in contact with OWC are investing in themselves, their relationships and their futures, and the brand reflects the quality of investment and trust they build through their work together.

Developing her website and ads we've had the opportunity of running extensive A/B testing, trying out several marketing strategies, and being very intentional about the way in which each item is designed.


Client: Olga Lacroix

In Our Client's Words: Anita it's so beautiful! I love how it all looks and my clients are going to connect with this style so much!

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