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Movento Logo

Movento is a brand that creates beautiful workout leggings for women. The name of the brand represents movement and flow. 


The brand was born in Medellin, Colombia, a city known for its mountains. We designed a logo that represented its imposing landscape and the idea of challenge or climb of workouts.


Through the different triangles, we get a sense of both stability and movement. Growth, evolution, and expansion. We also wanted to represent the diversity of women and the sports they practice through the different coloured panels.


The logo demonstrates strength, and it was important to include air, flowing through the M and N letters of the brand's name, which were chosen as they are the brand owner's initials.  

Client: Manuela Navarro

In Our Client's Words: Ana created the perfect logo for my brand! I am so in love with how it looks and can't wait to see it on our products and packaging! 

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