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Level Up Logo

Shannon is a photographer that focuses on real estate in terms of listing photography and branding photography for realtors. 

We designed a brand that is modern and professional while remaining approachable, playful and laid back. The logo is fun and it sparks curiosity in her target audience.

The logo is a delicate illustration of a home's blueprint from which a camera is elevated onto a new plane. The camera then is also designed as a blueprint and the lens is coming apart by levels, all of it indicating upward motion, and levelling up. 

Since the logo can be complex for several uses, the wordmark can also stand as a logo. The Es are designed to look as different levels, and the negative space on the P is an upward arrow, indicating that upward motion once again. 

Client: Shannon Duncan

In Our Client's Words: Working with Ana turned out to be much more than just graphic design. She really cares about the story behind the brand in order to properly execute your vision. She taught me things about my business that I didn't even know just by asking simple questions in order for her to understand the objective of our project. She was extremely patient with me and very easy to get along with. Friendly, professional, and proficient in her craft.

I have a logo that I'm ecstatic about and very proud of, thanks to Ana.

Look no further for a brilliant graphic designer and branding expert!

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