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Grove Paper Branding

Grove Paper is a brand of customizable planners designed

for creative, stylish, joyous, and ambitious women that are

in search of just the right tool to help them organize their

days, keep track of their goals, and to fit their evolving and unique needs.

We designed a logo, the customizable templates for the pages inside the planner, and wireframes for their web app.


For the logo, we designed citric fruits to represent warmth, positivity, joy and flavourful abundance. The illustration of the citruses is a nod to the part of the brand’s name, grove, in which these fruits can be found. The design on the P for paper is a graphic representation of the shape made by an open book, or in this case, a planner. The serif font is elegant and sophisticated, evoking a combination of softness and structure.

The templates and wireframes were designed with a beautiful delicacy that inspires the life of a confident, fun, creative woman 

Client: Megan McCreary & Danielle Montes-Fournier

In Our Client's Words: "SOOOO EXCITING. I don't even know how to express how thankful I am for you helping to knock our vision out of the park."

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