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Essence Creative Journey Branding

Essence Creative Journey offers workshops such as Mosaic Glass Art by the Lake to create a space to combine forest therapy and creative freedom. They work to reignite the senses, offer a space to disconnect from tech and hurry, and reconnect with their inner voice and creative talents.

We designed a logo, website, and marketing and social media content for Essence. 

Their logo was inspired by the beautiful lakefront property in which the workshops happen, and it combines the elements of land, water, and forest, as well as the creative energy, felt in the air in this very special place. 

The website and marketing materials were inspired by Essence's ideal client. An elegant, sophisticated woman that is feeling the pull to go outdoors and devote some time to herself or her friends outside of the  typical city setting. 

The website is meant to evoke the aspirational feelings of being able to let go, treating yourself, enjoying your more creative self, and leaving the city and its issues behind. 

Client: Naomi Levesque

In Our Client's Words: Everything is so beautiful Ana! Thank you for your lovely work and training!

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