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Enriched Dog Branding

Cena Al Crepuscolo (dinner at dusk in Italian), is a series of secret dinners that take place in Ottawa and its surroundings, run by Mmm Chef

These mystery dinners take place at dusk and are an absolutely marvellous gastronomic experience. Patrons are only informed of a date, a time, a theme, and a pickup location. Then, they are whisked away to a dreamy venue that awaits them with a five-course meal, great wine, and unforgettable company.

​Inspired by these evenings, the logo incorporated a sense of whimsical mystery and night-time wonder. It is flavourful and robust. It flows from one word to the next as the wine and courses of a meal should, it twists and turns and unravels as the best candle-lit conversations do. 

For Cena al Crepuscolo, we've also created all the print materials for the events (such as welcome cards and menus) and advertising materials such as posters and social media content with each of the night's theme.


Client: Daniela Crocco

In Our Client's Words: You've masterfully captured the aura of our business and the charm of our events. I am so charmed by how lovely they are!

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