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We host craft workshops with a twist. We created Crafternoons as a space for those who are craving a little more creativity in their lives, searching for new and fun connections, and are curious about letting go and finding an antidote to perfectionism. 

Join us for all your favourite craft workshops while we create community, carve out me-time, and make beautiful pieces to treasure to the tune of our favourite playlists, delicious refreshments, and the most stunning sunsets in the city. 

Crafternoons is a home away from home. It’s getting out of your head and into your body: making, creating, gossiping, tasting, listening, drinking, and sharing.

We’re here for the art, here for the crafts, here for the friendships, here for the laughs, and here for the fun. 

Welcome to our Maker’s Club!

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In each of our classes, we make a different type of craft. There’s a reason behind this. We love the idea of going deeper into a single type of craft (and we might explore this in the future) but we absolutely love being multi-talented, learning about many different skills, and most importantly, being able to walk away with a variety of final products in a wide array of styles. 


We host small groups as our priority is to ensure everyone feels welcome. We intend to create a space where others feel comfortable to express themselves, hold conversation, and of course, where we can guide attendees through the work, offering our undivided attention and care.


All our workshops include alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and a variety of snacks, always accommodating our makers’ dietary restrictions. All the materials required for your craft will be included as well.


Our workshops are hosted in Medellín in El Poblado and a very special monthly edition is hosted in the countryside in El Retiro.  


To learn more about each workshop and what to expect check out our schedule below. 

Upcoming Workshops
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April 9th, 2024

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

US $20

April 25th, 2024

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

US $25


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