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CCEVM-CCEMV is the Canadian Collective for Equity in Veterinary Medicine. They created an inclusive space for all individuals that work in the field that are compassionate folks, empathetic allies, devoted to the care of animals and deeply passionate about belonging to an inclusive, equitable world and profession.


The icon we designed for CCEVM-CCEMV stands for action, growth, and change. It represents a virtuous cycle of listening, learning, growing, sharing, and caring. Flowing clockwise, moving forward, it allows itself to be challenged and to incorporate new information. The range of colours selected mirror the diversity in the field, both in types and focus of labour and in the demographics of its practitioners. 

The lettermark section of the logo is anthropomorphized to represent the diverse people involved in the organization, and how it is the people that choose to be involved that create the bases for community, transformation, and inclusion.  

The V/M - M/V are the main characters of the lettermark. This section allows for a bilingual use of the acronym of the organization, and it evokes an image of a person, hands in the air. The image is joyful, open, passionate, welcoming, even celebratory. All around feelings the organization wishes to evoke in its members. 


Client: Amber Labelle and Emilia Gordon

In Our Client's Words: I cannot tell you how impressed we all are with how you've just crushed this design challenge! This logo was a winner and is adored by our team. Thank you Ana!!

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