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Casa Balzano Branding

Casa Balzano is a beautiful coffee shop in Ottawa. We had the pleasure of designing their logo and business cards, as well as their all-new location.


Nadia, the owner, knew she wanted the branding to be an homage to her travels to Europe, beautiful Parisian cafes, and their Italian gastronomic background.  We took inspiration from the photographs of her travels and created a warm and sweet logo that reflected their welcoming, loving approach to food and coffee, and their passion for their craft, infusing it with a dreamy, romantic feel.

The design of the shop had an interesting challenge. Casa Balzano coffee shop is located inside a medical offices building. This gives it, pretty automatically, a consistent clientele and influx of people that work in the building. However, the owners wanted a different kind of audience. Our challenge was bringing their ideal client into a building that people don't visit unless they have a particular appointment. 


We knew she wanted it to be feminine, inspired, delicate, and for it to be a gorgeous, instagrammable spot. Turning the coffee shop into a beautiful experience popularized the location within the city and made it a must-visit shop. 

Client: Nadia Villani

Additional Credits: Diego García Estefan, 3D Space and Furniture Design and renders

In Our Client's Words: We love the design! It’s such a gem. The shop turned out beautifully, just what we dreamed of and more!

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