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Blue Collar Concrete Branding

Blue Collar Concrete is a cement and concrete family business. We created a new brand identity and business cards for them.

The idea was to develop a masculine, strong brand. Something that tied in the name of the business with a long-standing tradition of trades work and construction.

We designed two logos, connected through the styling of the font and the colours, to represent this brand's narrative. On the one hand, we created a clean and powerful logo that has tools of the craft worked into an X which then creates the space to share the initials of the brand with information the business is proud to share: established in 2018 and local, Ottawa company. 

For our second logo, we wanted a strong, aspirational man, evocative of old-school factory workers, gazing into the horizon. It represents hard work, hope, and respect for the craft. 

Client: Adara Batalha

In Our Client's Words: Ana, we are so happy with the results! 

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