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Blazing Trails Transport Logo

Blazing Trails Transport moves livestock and

horses, be it bringing a new animal home for the first time,  transportation to and from competitions, an animal in need of emergency services, or for a scheduled vet visit. With natural horsemanship in mind, BTT's clients to know their animals will be treated with responsibility and compassionate care. 


The Blazing Trails Transport logo is strong and aspirational. The horse is focused and fiercely determined to meet his destination. The font selected is flowy, representing the distances covered with ease by the transportation services.

The back of the hose folds back into the wordmark, creating a sensation of completeness and hugging back in with care and compassion. The red of the mane ties into the blazing aspect of the logo, and the black and gray add sobriety and professionalism to the brand.

Client: Steve Capello

In Our Client's Words: Ana is such an artist. I really love her style! 

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