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Ashley St. Germain

Lettermark Logo

This logo was created for Ashley St Germain, an amazing Personal Brand Photographer in Ottawa I’d already had the pleasure of working with on an original logo and brand guide. Follow through here to see Ashley's logo.  

This project came up as a part of the expansion of her brand. The idea was to create a specific lettermark logo that would be on her swag and articles. 

The lettermark conserves her brand identity through typography and the colour palette. Several versions were created with each of her brand colours. The logo is versatile and modern, maintaining the stye her brand. The use of the negative space draws the eye to the letters while giving it a fresh and airy feel. It’s energetic, powerful, and soft all at once.


Client: Ashley St. Germain

In Our Client's Words: Ana is such an artist. I really love her style! 

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