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La Tejeduría Logo

La Tejeduría is a family business that produces fabrics. They wanted a logo that represented their legacy and trajectory as they rebranded for today's audiences.​ 


I had a chance of visiting their factory and was absolutely inspired by their machines, which we then interpreted into the logo with the hexagons. 

The father of the duo shared with us how the number 3 is his lucky number and that he would like to see it incorporated somehow, which we did by adding the three hexagons and by flipping one of the E’s as an homage to this number of fortune.


The wordmark is underlined by the shape of the particular kind of needle that their machines use, which is both a nod to industry experts and a point of proud recognition for their clients.

Client: Santiago Navarro

In Our Client's Words: This logo is exactly what we wanted to bring our business to the new generations. We love it.

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