Yogi Beatz Logo


Yogi Beatz was born out of Giselle’s desire to combine all of her passions (dance, yoga, and music) and create something beautiful to share with children. Giselle teaches kids yoga and is certified in Autism Movement Therapy, Applied Behavioural Science, and Rainbow Kids Yoga. Yogi Beatz offers parents a wonderful space to see their children grow, develop motion skills such as coordination and balance, gain independence, self-awareness, confidence, and creativity, and it also allows parents to join in! The classes are designed for both children and children with their parents, making a wonderfully tailored experience for everyone involved. Her classes include Kids Yoga, Au-mazing Moves, and Yoga and a Movie. 


In designing her logo, we wanted to make sure to have a vibrant, lively palette that would attract and inspire curiosity in children. The colour palette is then absolutely energetic, youthful, and fun. 


The primary logo is a beautiful contrast of purple and orange, but different versions were created with the brand’s other colours: yellow, green, blue, and light purple. The logo celebrates Giselle’s masterful mix of spontaneity and structure


The silhouettes allow the clients and her target audience to see themselves reflected: a boy, a girl, and a mom practicing dance, yoga, and getting stronger each day. The logo is powerful, the silhouettes show all of Hazlo Movement’s pillars: fun, play, energy, empowerment, expressivity, family, and inclusivity. 


To take a look at the whole branding suite created for Yogi Beatz, follow through here