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Our courses are available in two formats. You can register for our online courses and workshops to learn at your own pace or book a live one-on-one online session. Each class includes actionable items for you to put into practice and watch your brand bloom.

All of our online workshops also offer a one-on-one top-up option. If you'd like to work through any of the content, questions, or strategy with us, we highly recommend booking this option.

If you would like to book a private workshop please contact us hereAll of our private courses are offered in English and Spanish.

Read below to learn more about the courses currently offered and to check out some of our students' testimonials.

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Rocking Your Brand On Instagram is a 5-part online course that will teach you key tried-and-tested content creation and branding strategies to help you create community, develop engagement, and watch your brand grow on Instagram.

Here's how this course works: every week you'll unlock a new class to ensure you have time to watch each of the sections, allow all the information to sink in well, take action, and prepare any questions. The idea behind this is giving yourself enough time to really enjoy and learn with the course, rather than feeling overwhelmed and adding more things to your to-do list. 

By the end of our course, you'll learn to identify your audience, refine a brand that will speak directly to your ideal client and help create community, set up your Instagram profile for success, read analytics and metrics, select the best tools for you to use, how to create a content calendar, how to make beautiful Instagram Stories, and many of my favourite and most handy tips and tricks. 

Specific topics taught in each of the five classes are outlined in the images to the left. Click on each to learn more about the modules.

Whether you are a new or an established business, an idea in the works or a project about to launch, a small business owner or a virtual assistant, a side hustle selling an actual product or someone just looking to improve your personal brand, this course is for you!

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