Cena Al Crepuscolo.png

The Vegan Shoppe Tote Bag


This branding suite was created for a very special kind of event. The event took place at sundown in a beautiful location in the forest, where water, wood, air, and fire set the tone for a wonderful one-of-a-kind evening. 

Cena Al Crepuscolo (dinner at dusk in Italian), is a series of secret dinners that take place in Ottawa and surroundings. I came into this project as the creative end to Mmm Chef's delicious catering. These dinners are mysterious, take place at dusk, and are an absolutely marvellous gastronomic experience. 

Each stage of the event was taken into consideration within the branding. As people arrived at a secret pick-up location, they received a snack for the bus ride that would drop them off at the Cena destination. The snack came with a little note as an introduction to the event. 


Once the guests were seated, they could see a beautiful menu to present the four upcoming courses. Keeping in line with the allure of the event, each course was described but not directly stated, as they discovered one at a time what they were being served.


The logo incorporated the sense of mystery, surprise, night-time wonder and wine. It is flavourful and robust. It flows from one word to the next as the courses of a meal should, it twists and turns and unravels as the best candle-lit conversations do.

The pictures reflect the branding created for a four-element themed Cena and a Masquerade themed one.