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Taquería Carnalitos Logo

For the taco shop Carnalitos, we designed a logo that is young and playful, modern with a touch of humour, and of course very folkloric, colourful and charismatic.


The sombrero and moustache provide the taco character with personality, and the maracas and decor add to the musical and celebratory feel of the taco. Initially, the colour scheme included the red and green found in the Mexican flag, but in the process of building Sr.Taco, it became evident that more subdued colours would allow for more detail and a greater variation of tones without it becoming too harsh or heavy. 


It's a fun logo aimed to create loyalty with a young and casual audience, that of course, love their delicious tacos. 

Client: Taquería Carnalitos

In Our Client's Words: Ana went above and beyond with this design. She grasped exactly the personality we wanted to portray with our logo and created a fun and beautiful logo for our shop. 10/10! 

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