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Rocky Mountains Logo

Rocky Mountains is a talent acquisition and HR consulting firm that helps companies and job seekers alike navigate the recruitment process.

I had the absolute pleasure of developing this logo for my brother. The brand name is a play on our last name (Steinberg = Rock Mountain) which he wanted to build on for his own business.


The mountains in the logo are inspired by the Rockies, particularly those seen from Banff, Alberta.

The logo is a representation of the journey, full of peaks and valleys, strenuous climbs but beautiful views. Imposing, strong structures that elevate the job search experience and support you during an exhilarating but challenging quest.

Client: Jose Steinberg

In Our Client's Words: Ana has been amazing to work with, her attention to detail and dedication to our brand is unparalleled. (hehe this one feels a little biased because he is my brother after all)

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