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Rocking your Brand on Instagram Workshop
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Create community, develop engagement, and convert followers into clients.

Your go-to guide to developing and refining your brand to attract your ideal client and rocking your brand on social media.

These are all statements I’ve collected from my students throughout the past few years when we sit down to chat about their social media. If this rings a bell, this course might be for you!

It can feel hard to stand out in a sea of content, stay true to your brand, and reach the right kind of audience with your Insta feed, but it doesn't have to be!


I’m sure this isn’t the first time you think about your content strategically. You wrote a fab post, you know shared great information. You posted a beautifully styled picture of a product you know highlights the quality of your work. You slapped on a bunch of hashtags hoping one would hit just the right audience. And yet, something’s missing.

Well, to be honest, probably not much.

You have the most important factors to have a wonderful following: a great product and a curious, driven mindset. You don’t need to buy ten thousand followers, you don’t need to devote yourself 24/7 to creating content, and you don’t have to follow every fad that comes and goes on social media.

What matters now, is learning how to implement everything that’s already rolling around in your head and make it into beautiful and captivating content. Trust me, nobody knows your business as well as you do.

You already have all the amazing ideas you need to make your followers fall in love with your brand.

I would like to give you a roadmap to strengthen each of these points, teach you how to be strategic about them, and help you adopt systems to reduce the anxiety and increase the results. Let’s build that community together!

Georges Boutros.png

"Taking this course is just the right way to make sure you have it all!
Being in the social media industry is an ongoing learning process, and there's no better way to understand all the tricks and skills to build the best image of your brand or your client's."

Georges Boutros

CGI Artist & Photographer

 Zandile Chiwanza.png

"Signing up for this course is one of the best decisions I've made for my brand! I've watched my social media game grow from strength to strength since I started incorporating Ana's tips and tricks into my strategy. Not only did she provide a ton of resources she was also available to answer any and every question I had. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Zandile Chiwanza

Personal Finance Journalist

Faby Romero.png

"The course included so much knowledge and cleared up many of my doubts when it came to running my brand online. I recommend it 100%. If you’re looking for guidance for your brand and strategies for running your business, without a doubt this is the best course for you. "

Faby Romero


Emotions Factory Owner

These are some of the things my students have said after the course.

How would it feel to be saying these things after taking it yourself?

The key to their growth:

Refining their brand, understanding their audience, and consistently creating quality content.


Why do these things matter?

✔️A strong brand is the first pillar to create content that is consistent and recognizable.


✔️Understanding your ideal client will help you understand how to reach out to them.


✔️Quality content will place you as an authority in your field and as a trusted source of knowledge and expertise.


✔️A combination of all three of these categories will create a loyal following that will become a part of your community.


✔️An engaged follower that feels a part of a community will be more likely to convert into a paying client.

I’ll bring you in on a secret. It’s not about massive numbers of followers. It’s not about endlessly automated posts. It’s about authenticity, finding your niche, and making yourself available to your community.

Ana Steinberg Designs

Let me help you create your own message, relay your expertise, and let people into the wonderful world of your business.

From working out your client avatar and designing your very own brand guide, to creating a publishing calendar and beautiful Instagram stories, I’m here to show you the way to a more vibrant representation of your brand that conveys your message and draws in your followers.



A 6-week online program and guide to revamp your social media presence and captivate the audience of your dreams.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn… 


Identify Your Audience

 🔍 Who is your ideal client?

 🔍 How can you connect with them?

 🔍What makes you the right match for your clients?


Defining Your Brand

✏️ Tuning up your brand's one-sentence pitch

✏️ Colour, fonts, and shapes: highlighting your brand characteristics

✏️ Picking the right type of media for you


Instagram Crash Course

 📱 Setting up your profile for success: bio, profile picture, story highlights, and grid

 📱 Instagram toolkit

 📱 Reading Analytics

 📱 Handy tips and tricks


Content Creation

☀️ How and why should you create a publishing calendar?

☀️ Captions

☀️ Leveraging Hashtags

☀️ Creating Community


Instagram Stories

🌸 Designing Assets

🌸 Visually striking stories

🌸 Tips and shortcuts

🌸 Creating your toolbox

🌸 Storytelling


Rocking your Brand on Instagram Workshop

In this course you will...

1. Identify your audience

2. Define your brand

3. Go through an Instagram crash course

4. Learn about content creation

5. Create a beautiful set of

Instagram Stories


And so much more!! Are you in?

"I recommend Ana and her "Rocking Your Brand" course 100%. Ana is a wonderful teacher, she is patient, passionate, and made the class extremely fun and relatable. She taught me things that were never taught to me in my marketing courses in university or college, like branding, that are so essential for a good marketing strategy. She also taught us a lot of shortcuts, energy & time-saving methods, and key points for success in social media marketing, and I truly believe that I improved my skills because of her class."

Daniela Lopera.png

Daniela Lopera

Marketing Coordinator at

Eurovintage International



4 payments of $75

 Not ready to pay in full yet? Invest in 4 installments over 4 months.


Save $51 when you pay in full! This one-time investment will grant you access to the course and additional content shared for the following six months.



Purchase your course and add on two one-on-one sessions to review your work, cover any questions, and tailor any of the topics of the course to your brand.



Invest in 5 installments over 5 months with the VIP Upgrade Payment Plan.



Let’s get your Instagram Audited. We can take a look at your account before or after you implement the content of the course to provide personalized advice and guidance. This service is provided as a top-up to either the course or VIP registrations and not sold individually.

So, what will you have access to?

🐣 Five modules of content

🐣 Bonus modules added monthly for the six months following your subscription

🐣 Exclusive access to top-up products (VIP one-on-one and AUDIT) with a 40% discount compared to non-student pricing

🐣10-day money-back guarantee

Plus! These exclusive bonuses, for free!

Our graduating students will have access to these amazing packages (for no additional cost):

Grid templates teaser.png
Story templates teaser.png

20-Image Grid Template Pack + 20-Image Story Templates Pack

 $100 VALUE

Edit text, images, and colours to create images to fit your brand and style. 

Highlight templates teaser.png

2 Lightroom Presets Pack

 $75 VALUE

Quickly edit photographs for a professional, branded feed.

We will cover instructions on how to use Presets in our course.

Lightroom Presets.png

5-Image Highlights Template Pack

 $50 VALUE

Choose from a variety of icons in combination to your brand colours to easily create your Instagram Story Highlight badges.

Hi there, this is me...


I am so looking forward to connecting with you and having you join this wonderful community.


My name is Ana and I own a Graphic Design and Branding business.

Press play to hear a little more about the creation of this course and how I apply its content to my brand every day!


"Ana is so wonderful and knowledgeable, she really takes the time to explain everything in a comprehensive and kind way. She clearly helps you visualize your target client/audience and helps you to have the tools to express your branding in an honest and consistent way. My business wouldn’t be what it is today without her!"

Daniela Crocco.png

Daniela Crocco

Mmm Chef Owner

Rocking Your Brand really is absolutely doable. I’m so passionate for brand development and seeing how a brand lives and breathes on social media is such an exciting process. I can’t wait to see your brand grow and shine on Instagram and would love to support you the whole way through!

"When I took the 1-1 class with Ana I didn't know much about social media. Ana was very patient and knowledgeable about how I could manage my instagram account. I soon was able to put all my learning into action. Ana helped me have a clear vision where I wanted to take my business. I highly recommend Ana if you are looking to grow and be successful in your business."

Girl on computer

Rocking Your Brand is for you if...

⭐ You are launching a new business or brand

⭐ You have an existing business or brand you’d like to revamp

⭐ You have an idea in the works and would like to solidify your brand idea

⭐ You are a VA looking to learn how to create content more efficiently for several brands

⭐ You would like to strengthen and improve your personal brand

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and so much more!

Clau Franco.png

Clau Franco

Transformational Coach


Are you unsure if this course is the right fit for you?

Let's Chat!


Send me a message with any and every question you may have and let's explore if this is the best option for you! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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