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Be a Spring-Clean Queen

Spring is finally upon us! And with it one of my favourite things everrrr: spring-cleaning. AKA throwing stuff out season. I live a life of contradictions as I am a total hoarder and at the same time I love getting rid of stuff. There’s something cathartic about it.

Cleaning and organizing can be tedious AF so get some good music going, and here are a few things to do (aside from actual active cleaning) to really get the most out of this your spring cleanse and starting the summer ahead with a clean slate and space for creativity, new ideas, and growth:

At home

Medicine Cabinet/First Aid Kit

Get all your meds together in one place and check expiration dates, amounts left, and write a list of whatever you need to buy. If you happen to not have a First Aid Kit, make sure to get one.


I love changing my cushions/cushion covers when a new season arrives. I feel like certain colours and patterns help keep my place looking cozy or fresh or whatever I may feel like I need with the current season. Spring and summer are all about bright colours, florals (groundbreaking), and tons of energy, so I like to bring out the cushions that match that mood.


The bane of my existence, yet the love of my life. I’m very picky in how I like to keep my closet organized, and nothing makes me happier than some colour-coded goodness. But it’s hard to always keep up throughout the year. Take everything, absolutely everything, out and refold, re-hang, and refresh everything as you put it back in. Clothes can accumulate dust and it’s the perfect time to give them a little shaking. As you go through them all take the opportunity to see which pieces you’ve barely worn all year, what doesn’t fit well, and what you don’t really plan to wear again. Consider donating them or taking some pieces to a consignment shop.

Fridge and Kitchen Cabinets

This section must also follow the closet rule, everything out in order to put it back in. Do a proper cleaning of the fridge and kitchen shelves. Check expiration dates and get rid of whatever’s gone bad. Place things that are about to expire or go bad at the forefront to remember to consume them quicker. Make a list of condiments and cooking supplies you make have run out of.

Bookshelves and Desk

First and foremost give your books a good dusting. Take them out and clean behind them in the shelves as well. Make sure your desk is organized inside an out – try to avoid any messy drawers where you just throw stuff in. Go through everything making sure there’s actual use for it and organize or donate it. Clean the surface of your desk and make sure the ‘skeleton’ is in good state. I say skeleton because the desk can be a place to get easily cluttered, but making sure the skeleton (inside the drawers and the surface) is well organized and you know where everything goes –and how it’s supposed to look when it’s tidy – you’ll be able to clean the occasional clutter way easier.

Entirely unjustified GIF but it made me LOL so hard.


Storage is another nightmare to deal with. Whether you keep suitcases, cleaning products, stock of stuff bought in bulk, sporting articles or whatever it might be; it can easily get out of control. Take everything out and try to organize it in a way in which things are readily available and it doesn’t take digging under a pyramid of items to reach something in the bottom.


Desktop, downloads, and documents

Go through the files on your Desktop and Documents and get rid of repeats or successive copies of the same thing (I know it’s not just me saving files as final, FINAL, FINAL FINAL, final copy for real, final or I kill my computer, fml, final hopefully, ok, sdkfjalskdfj, to print). Move everything to the folder to which it belongs, and clear out everything in the Downloads folder.

Cookie Cleanse

I can’t really speak to this very well but do it. Like history, cookies, that stuff. I use the app Clean My Mac to get rid of all that little trash that accumulates because I don’t think I really know how to do it on my own without like erasing the brain of the computer or something. Me:

Bank Statements

I’m adding this as a tech option because I my statements are paperless and I check all my banking online, but it applies just as well to statements that come in the mail. Take a few minutes to review a few months of your credit and debit cards statements, making sure that there are no recurring charges, subscriptions, or automatic withdrawals happening that you were unaware of or forgot to cancel. It’s a good chance to check any reimbursements that you may have been waiting on have come in and that everything is in order.

On Your Phone

Delete unknown numbers as well as old and unnecessary contacts. Go through your Notes app and unify lists that need to be together. Delete obsolete notes and reminders. Go through the apps on your phone and remove the ones that are unnecessary (might be a good time to remove permissions from certain apps that require them to function). And my personal favourite: go through your photos. If you’re an absolute hoarder like me maybe decide to tackle 6 months installments per day. But go through sections deleting chunks of photos taken of one same thing, organize your favourites, and enjoy all the new free space on your phone.

Physically Cleaning Your Tech

Always turn off and unplug your tech when you’re giving it a wipe down. The best material to clean them is the type of cloth you get with your glasses. Spraying the cloth with some water (or equal parts water and alcohol) tends to do the trick, as well as the liquids specifically designed for them. Clean your screen and the exterior, as well as the keyboard. Although a little more unorthodox, regular little cleanses with antibacterial wipes (that aren’t dripping liquid!) are a good way to keep them clean year round.

Freshening Up

Last but not least, change wallpapers and screensavers that you may be tired of looking at. It’s the perfect little refresher.


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