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The Summer School Series

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new compilation of blog posts: The Summer School Series. The idea is to have different topics that may be relevant or interesting to you, my darling readers, and that will hopefully teach you a little something you’d want to learn about. I find that a repeating conversation I have with most of my friends in their 20s and 30s is how everyone feels like they’re not doing enough or whatever they do they don't well enough.

We all kinda joke about adulting and trying to be on top of things, but let’s face it, we can’t all know how to do everything. I’m constantly in awe of my friends that know how to do certain things I can’t, and I know I have friends that wish they could do stuff that I practically do in my sleep.

Some simple examples? I am terrified of chicken and every time I cook it I say my prayers deep down and hope I have no unfinished business because I am certain I will die of salmonella. Hasn’t quite killed me yet, but still I am in awe whenever I see a friend handle raw chicken confidently. For many people there’s no mystery to this, but then again, I have spoken to people here and there that share my horror.

On the other hand, and as simple as it may seem, I am really good at painting my nails. For some friends, the idea of paining their non-dominant hand is absolutely daunting and they paint half a finger before hitting it on the nail. Now, I’m not going to write about chicken or salmonella or how to colour inside the lines when painting your nails, but I like realizing how things that come so simple to some are actually quite an effort to others. So here I’ll go, week after week sharing a few thoughts or tips on matters that you may be interested in learning more about. If there’s something you’d like to see posted either because you’d like to learn about it or because you’d like to share about it do let me know and I look forward to building a sweet little guide on how to do a few things we’d all love to figure out.

Some of the people being interviewed are actual professionals in the field we’re discussing, but most are just people that have taken an interest in a given topic and are interested in sharing their findings with all of you. Check back in every Monday in the next few weeks to find new content posted.

The Summer School Series:

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