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Planning the Perfect Staycation


We recently had a long weekend in Canada and it was the perfect opportunity to have a little staycation. One of my best friends came to town and we devoted ourselves to having just the most delightful little weekend. It got me thinking about just how great it is to stop and take some time for yourself.

A staycation is a little break you take from average life and regular weekends in which you actively enjoy your city almost as a tourist and basically just treat yourself to a vacation at home. Free time at home can be tricky because there’s so much to do, or so little will to do it, that the days can go by quickly without much to show for the time off. We’ve all been there, 7 pm on a Sunday and we realize we have not been out of the house (or out of the couch) all day. We get a gloomy feeling with the end of the weekend, it’s rare to feel rested and accomplished. Rest is sometimes pushing to the side those clouds over our heads with long to-do lists, and accomplishing them can mean not having a minute of downtime. There’s sense of having wasted days that could’ve been used significantly better. Spending a weekend resting is never time poorly spent, but half resting while worrying about all that’s being procrastinated is not all that great.

So here’s when a solid staycation comes in. Days off can be both restful and active, which can be reinvigorating. Given that it is a mini vacation, there’s certain ground rules which I like to start off with.

Ground rules: start with a clean home, clear your schedule, get goodies.

These must be executed before the staycation begins. Say you’re taking a weekend off, on Friday afternoon your one and only focus should be cleaning your home, making sure all major tasks are done and that you can clear your schedule, and getting yourself some of your favourite snacks, and self-care items. The time on a staycation is key, so being proactive and prepping before the time off is vital.

And now, some highlights for the perfect at local vacay:

In the city: play tourist in your own town. This is the perfect opportunity to go to that exhibition you’ve been meaning to catch, to try that new restaurant, visit your city’s museums, grab a snack at a cute café, or relax in a park. If you’re unsure about where to start you may want to look up the top musts of your city. As residents of a city we tend to put off visiting locations that people may travel for hours to see. Discover the treasures in your own backyard.

At home: our ground rules were the most important when it comes to spending time at home. You want to be able to pamper yourself and relax at home and a clean, fresh space will be the most conducive to this. Great self-care (hella indulgent) activities at home include lighting candles, putting on face masks, giving yourself a mani-pedi, taking a bubble bath, watching an interesting film, reading a page turner, painting, treating yourself with your go-to feel-good snacks, and drinking lots and lots of vino.

Nearby: leaving the city even if just for the day already feels like a vacation. Look up the towns nearby your city and take a countryside break. Grab lunch by a lake, or drinks on the mountain. Give yourself the chance to be captivated by a new place and its charm, take tons of photos, visit cafés and boutiques, or simply stroll aimlessly in a new environment.

Bonus: the cherry on top, visit a local spa or hotel. Make your staycation truly indulgent and head out to a place where you’ll be able to disconnect and get in touch with yourself. Extra points for hot tubs, pools, and massages. A great tip is to keep an eye out for these spots before planning your staycation. Many offer great deals and packages, so as long as you see it far in advance you’ll be able to plan for it and score the best deal.

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