Movento Logo


Movento is a brand that creates beautiful workout leggings for women. The name of the brand represents movement and flow. 


During our early chat's we'd initially spoken of a logo that was more yoga oriented, but during the creation process, the triangle and the concept of a mountain just kept popping back for me. The brand was born in Medellin, Colombia, a city known for it’s mountains. Having a nod to such landscape, that would also represent that challenge we all climb through our workouts, however high or through whichever stage we’re at, seemed like the perfect fit.


Through the different triangles, we get a sense of both stability and movement. Growth, evolution, and expansion. The leggings are designed for women that practice yoga, strength train, run, or ride bikes, and this logo encompasses that world for all of them.


While we represented strength, we also wanted to include air, flowing through the M and N letters of the name, which were chosen as they are the brand owner's initials.  


It was important for the brand to be able to have a stand-alone icon to stamp on their leggings, so once again, the triangle was just perfect for the job. 


When it came to picking colours for the brand, we combined darker, earthy tones, with lighter pinks to create a relationship between feminine modern touches and deeper roots.