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Meehan Good Eats Branding

We designed these business cards and logo for Allison. Her brand, Meehan Good Eats is a great example of how to market yourself while you’re still in school. We were intentional about creating business cards that would reflect her education stage, and help her start to bridge over as she lined up internships or job proposals, to begin with after graduation. 

She knew she wanted lilac, marble, and her photo to include her photo to help her be more memorable at networking events and job fairs. 

The brand is feminine and elegant. The smoothie bowl is a nod to her advocacy for healthy eating and her culinary creativity, and of course, it adds an extra pop of colour to her brand’s name.


Client: Allison Meehan

In Our Client's Words: Ana I'm obsessed! I love them so much! Can't wait to show off my business cards everywhere!

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