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Manuela Navarro Business Cards

Manuela is a child neuropsychologist. She needed business cards that would speak to both the parents and the children she was assessing.

We decided that colour and fun were a must while keeping it professional and stylish. Parents should feel inclined to hire her and their children to reach out comfortably. 

To achieve this goal, we designed the business cards with a bright, but soothing, teal and green watercolour background. In contrast, we designed the contact information in navy blue.


The brain is structural and playful, reminiscent of connect-the-dots games, and designed in a gradient to add a pop of purple to tie the cards up. 

Client: Manuela Navarro

In Our Client's Words: These business cards are exactly what I was dreaming of! Ana somehow understood just what I was looking for and made it into a reality. Love them so much.

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