Loop & Lapel Logo and Tagline


For Loop & Lapel, a clothing brand for men and women, we developed a brand that would speak to a broad audience while being exclusive and chic.

The client wanted a logo that would be easily recognizable and had already decided on the Ls and infinite icon. Our mission was finding a colour palette that would cater to both men and women, a tagline, and a brand identity that would encompass necessary variations for different instances of brand usage. 

The tagline Infinite Elegance ties in with the logo design and speaks of the style and quality of the pieces produced by the company. The variations of the logo include changes in colour and keeping the name brand or simply the icon and tagline.


As it's a brand that caters to a male and female audience, the colours chosen appeal to the classic ideas of male and female but the hues keep it sober and distinguished, working both for male or female apparel in each of the variations