La Tejeduria.png

La Tejeduría Logo


La Tejeduria is a wonderful Colombian business that produces fabrics. The now father and son team wanted a logo to represent their brand and trajectory as they rebranded for today's audiences.

As we discussed their brand and what they hoped to project to their clients, it came up that the number 3 was the creator of the company’s favourite number. It had brought good luck in many occasions, so we wanted to include it in some capacity. Flipping one of the E’s was an homage to this number of fortune.

We designed with dark sophisticated colours such as black and navy, with just a hint of yellow. 


Underlining the name of the company is the shape of the particular kind of needle that their machines use, which is both a nod to industry experts and a point of proud recognition for their clients.


I had a chance of visiting their factory and was absolutely inspired by their machines. The hexagons were added to represent their sturdy machinery, and are once again found in threes to continue to add hints of number 3 to the logo. The hexagons do double duty as a recognizable standalone icon for stamping tags and smaller fabric items.