Business Cards Meehan

Good Eats


Allison Meehan knew she wanted lilac, marble, and her photo, which was a first for me. This is the first design I created with a headshot and I must confess, I love it!


The cards are just incredibly feminine and elegant, they stay on brand and they put the emphasis back on Allison.


The smoothie bowl is a nod to her advocacy for healthy eating and her culinary creativity, and of course, it adds an extra pop of colour to her brand’s name.


Allison’s brand, @meehangoodeats is a great example of how to market yourself while you’re still in school. There’s no need to be hesitant about creating business cards without a title, you can state what you’re in school for.


Starting to build that network before graduation is one of the most proactive things one can do as a student and it will set you aside from all the other students that haven’t even begun thinking of life after school.